Welcome to our collection of West Coast figured and burl wood art, and crafts. This is my work, and the work of many talented local and regional woodcraft artists. A full catagorized catalogue of our collection is below. Scroll down to see  our collection. Click here to find out more about the artists, and Forest Gems.  Searchspeak...Washington wood gallery, woodcraft gallery, wood gallery, Northwest wood artist, myrtlewood gallery, redwood gallery, Port Townsend wood gallery, northwest woodcrafts, redwood gallery, myrtlewood gallery, quilted maple gallery, rustic woodcraft, burl wood crafts, Washington wood crafts, Northwest wood gallery, quilted maple woodcraft, quilted maple art, burl gallery, burlwood gallery, redwood burl, maple burl, quilted maple, Northwest wood turners, redwood wood turning, redwood burl gallery, northwest burl art.


Figured and Burl Wood Items

  1. Cribbage Boards
  2. Boxes
  3. Wine and Kitchenware
  4. Switch covers, firelighters and lots more
  5. Lighthouses
  6. Fountains and metal work
  7. Gift Certificates


  1. Bruce's bird and sealife carvings
  2. Bill's Bird Carvings
  3. Original detailed bird Carvings
  4. Myrtle wildlife carvings
  5. Peg and Pat's work
  6. Chainsaw bears and critters
  7. Large Carvings
  8. Face Carvings

For the Wall

  1. Wall Mirrors
  2. Wall Carvings
  3. Wood Intarsia Designs
  4. Prints
  5. All stained glass

Bowls and Vases

  1. Freeform Vases
  2. Vases, vessels, wood flowers
  3. Myrtlewood salad bowls
  4. Charlies burlwood turning
  5. Salad Bowls By Local Turners
  6. Art Bowls
  7. Turned Art and Urns


  1. Hall and coffee tables and cabinets
  2. Burl Slab and Glass Top Burl Tables
  3. Fred's myrtle and maple furniture
  4. Burl rockers, lamps, benches and..
  5. Table Lamps and Lampshades

Harvey's Work

  1. Barrettes
  2. Pens
  3. Hand mirrors and stand mirrors
  4. Clocks
  5. Weather Stations
  6. Everything else big and small