Custom quilted dining table

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Custom quilted dining table





This table was made to replace a similar table the customer had which was made from Oak veneer. Look at this piece to see what elements you like for your custom table and design it with us. This customer also had us build a quilted maple coffee table with 16 drawers, also seen on hall and coffee table page. The legs are fiddleback maple, the top is bookmatched quilted maple. The finish is 6 coats of Daly`s Pro-Fin. We can do many styles, including a more traditional trestle style in any wood. Contact us to help design your table.  Shipping is estimated and will vary with destination and carrier. We do a lot of work for customers who find us online. A $100 non refundable deposit gets you 2 hours of design work with photos. The deposit is applied to whatever finished item a customer chooses.

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