Custom large redwood table

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Custom large redwood table





This table was custom made for a home in the foothills of the Olympics overlooking the Cascades, Vancouver Island, and Puget Sound. We looked through over 50 pieces of redwood for the top to get the right size, shape, and color.  This is the most detailed slab coffee table I have done, and the largest at around 6 feet by 4 feet. This top could have been a bar top with a taller base. The unusual coffee table base was designed with the customers for their specific needs after looking at lots of pieces of wood and design ideas. This table has 12 coats of satin lacquer finish, and very clean edge detail that took many extra hours of work. The cost of this piece reflects the qualtiy of the wood and extra hours in finish detail. All custom work is done and designed with the individual customer`s taste and budget in mind. This table was a treat to be able to make. There is more information and another 2 photos of this table in our photo gallery. Click here. Shipping is estimated and will vary depending on destination and carrier.

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