Cross refill freeform pen

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Cross refill freeform pen





Nickel gold finish. Greek key design center band. Prices in this style range from $40 to $46 burlwoods are more expensive than most rosewoods. From left- cocobolo, purpleheart, bloodwood, tulipwood, burl maple, fiddle myrtle and redwood burl, fiddle maple lying in front. This is the shape I developed for my cross pen after doing lots and lots of pens. The bulb at the center which tapers to the nib is tactile and shows the wood grain very nicely. I`m more likely to leave a bigger bulb at the center with burl wood than rosewood, many of these woods are amazing close up with the wood grain flashing in your hand. Clean detail work is important in pens. Detail work varies widely between penmakers. Call or email us for pics sent to you of todays selection in your choice of woods and price range. Shipping is estimated and will vary depending on destination.

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