5,000 board feet of new curly maple

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5,000 board feet of new curly maple





Finally!! Both 4/4  and 8/4 in stock. Enough figured maple to do your kitchen, some furniture, or whatever. We have 5,000 board feet of mixed quilt, curly, and fiddle grain boards. These are sanded on 2 sides to 15/16 and 1& 15/16 with 36 grit sanders so there is no chipout from planing. The down side is that the figure is a little harder to see in the rough due to the grooves from the 36 grit. Widths to 16.5`` - 8 and 10` lengths.  Contact us to see the mother lode at the wood shed, or see some at the gallery now. Price listed is for xtra nice curly grain. Price varies from $6 (light fiddle) to $22 (XF quilt) depending on quality and amount of grain pattern per individual board. We are offering quantity discounts over 50 % depending on how much you buy. We shipped 1,000 board feet to Deuluth Minn. for only $600! That wood worker sold some to friends  and has inexpensive figured wood for projects for the rest of his life.

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