From a back road in the redwoods, to a hidden valley in myrtlewood country, and out of our own workshop on a 60 acre forest reserve overlooking the Olympic mountains, we offer you the best figured wood grains and craftsmanship this region offers. 



Forest Gems would not be possible without the artists we work with who put in the time and energy to transform wood and ideas into things which delight and inspire most all who see them.   We try to have a quality mix of function and art. For us the connection to both the artist and the finished work is how the artist treats the individual piece of wood they start with. 


Some of our artists are retired and some are making a living doing their work. Keep that in mind when you look at different artists work and pricing. We are fortunate to have the work of many talented people who work for the satisfaction, and just a few dollars an hour. Our artists who make a living doing quality work are working long and hard hours, with lots of planning and follow through.


From Redwood rockers to spinning tops, each piece has a story of a person drawn to making something beautiful for others to use and enjoy, perhaps for generations yet to come.  Every item offered in the gallery was chosen for it`s quality and the individual talent of the artist.  Our artists vary from retired pilots to talented wood worker-business people to eccentric woodworking folks.


In addition to working with artists closer to Port Townsend and doing my own work, every few months I travel down the coast and visit many of the people we work with.  I buy the best of what we see and often commission work for the gallery and our regular customers. I purchase our collection directly from the artists and do not consign, which keeps us very focused about what I bring into Forest Gems to offer our customers. 


My close involvement with what we represent is extremely important. Our mix of local and West Coast artists along with our own figured woods give Forest Gems an unusual combination of materials and talent.  Every item we carry is by its nature extremely limited in quantity, and are fine examples of regional woodcrafts.

Above is a friend`s home and workshop in Oregon. From our workshop near Port Townsend comes custom work as varied as rustic and fine finished fireplace mantles and furniture to smaller items such as hand mirrors.  Right now, big and small burl tables and burl beds are occupying my time.  My traditional line consists of hand mirrors, barrettes, clocks, turnings, and barometers. My pens are the best quality, with original shapes and functional designs.  Below is part of  Moondance a 60 inch long custom wall piece which is now sold.


I like tactile shapes and original designs, with the wood grains, patterns, and feel of the wood inspiring me. Some of my designs have been sold for over 30 years and have become cherished family heirlooms.  My work has found homes in virtually every country in the world, representing the region`s artistry to travelers who found me at the Pike Place Market crafts line from 1976 to 2000, and now at Forest Gems since 1996.